Healthy Marriage Ceremony Menus

When you have a wedding menu to plan, there are several aspects to take care of. Though most of us usually go for the items that are popular and traditional in any wedding ceremony, nowadays there is a different perspective taken towards ensuring that the food that is served even on special occasions do not force people to eat unhealthy. 

Healthy menus are a must

If you wish to make your wedding menu a healthy and unique one, how do you go about it? You could keep it simple with stress on quality ingredients as well as tasty dishes that do not compromise on nutrition or health. There are several event caterers who offer unique and customizable wedding menu options. Many offer gluten free and diet friendly food choices that make it easy for one to plan a menu that would take care of the good health of all and offer delectable choices at the same time. Healthy menus need not be bland or boring as gluten free meals or food cooked in healthy oils and the right cooking methods can ensure the same great taste and enjoyment as people are found in most popular party foods. 

What to include?

If you are in a dilemma as to what food choices would be good for a wedding menu, all you need to do is confer with an experienced catering service. Decide on the kind of food items you wish to include; some people like to stick to the traditional choices while others like to experiment with seasonal favorites as per the time of the year when the wedding is being planned. Modern catering companies offer a wide array of choices for every category of a wedding menu. Hence, you can take your pick of healthy food items, whether it is part of the appetizers or snacks being served or the main menu offerings in your wedding buffet.

Making the right choices

You could take a moment to sit back and consider the kind of people who would be attending your wedding and the kind of food they would enjoy. Usually a wedding includes a large array of people who would have different taste buds and preferences; hence, you need to ensure that there is a wide selection of items for the guests to enjoy as part of the wedding meal. If there is more than one meal being served, the time of day and the spread you wish to lay out would also differ. These are some points you need to consider at the time of deciding on a wedding menu that would be healthy and palatable at the same time.

Ways To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Couples think that by only spending a lot of money a best photographer can be hired. However, it has been noticed that in spite of spending so much money they could not get their desired photos. While you have comparatively low budget, there is no reason to feel low as you can have good photographer in a limited budget. Here are some tips to save money. Go here  for more information about affordable wedding photography.

Stick to your budget: While you have a limited budget, then sticking to it is quite hard. You may hear people saying, hiring a top wedding photographer in a tight budget is impossible. But if you calculate properly your total budget of wedding, then you may spend on a photographer according to it. If you think that by paying high you can have a skilled photographer, then you are wrong. An experienced photographer will never ask you for an average payment. You may hire a new photographer or even a photography student. The benefit of hiring fresher is, they will complete the whole work more efficiently. Besides, they will not charge high.

  • Book as soon as possible:Most of the time, couples make this common mistakes- they hire a photographer after doing all. And if you are going to marry in a marked season then it is quite difficult to get appointment of photographers. Though they seek out some time for your wedding, they will charge high. If you want to hire affordable wedding photography done by an experienced and efficient photographer in a limited budget, then you can have the scope. You may have your booking done with that photographer at least 6 months earlier.
    • Look for several packages: Though it sounds quite expensive, but it is not. If you hire one only for photography, and another one to get those photos printed, then you need to pay two different persons for one purpose. So, look for those photographers, who offer several packages. If the photographer may offer you a digital package, then it is really good. Once you get all those pictures in a disc then you are free to print only that photos which you want. You can even send those photos to your friends, family members, through mails so that they can print it down. Hire the right photography service and rest assured that you will get the best snaps of your wedding.