We all loved party games as kids and most of us are still kids at heart. Hosting a game night it one of the best ways to have a good time with you now adult friends in a very relaxed and easy-going way. No dressing up and no fuss, just a few friends having a good time. Read on and you will be on your way to hosting an epic game night

Number is important

Having quiz nights is no fun if it’s just two people and playing monopoly when there are eight people can be very annoying. Pay attention to the number of people you hope to invite and choose the game accordingly. Also make sure you invite people who are comfortable with each other. Inviting your co-worker to a game night with your collage friends will make things hard for everyone. Don’t forget to take into account the capacity that your home can hold. No one likes to be cramped up.

Go the traditional rout

The classic games are the best. If your friends are the adventurous type go ahead with a new game but for the most of us learning a new game will take away the fun off things. However thanks to the internet there are many awesome variations of popular games to some research and you will be surprised.

We all love beverage

Beverages are quintessential to any type of gathering and a game night is no exception. Always try to have a variety of beverages as this will include everyone. If you’re so inclined as to serve alcohol try out a new cocktail and have some fun. If you’re out of ideas you can always play your favourite movie and turn it into a drinking game.

Food is important

No game night is complete without snacks. When planning make sure to decide if people will be coming after dinner or if you will be serving dinner as well. If you’re planning on serving something substantial make sure its going to be finger food. No one wants to worry about setting out dinner in the middle of a heated game. The focus should be on the gameplay and the food is just an accompaniment.

Or just go out

If you’re feeling too lazy to organise something at home just go out. The city is full of exciting things to do. Many venues have pub trivia nights which can be pretty enjoyable or do a scavenger hunt if you feel like moving about.At the end of it all don’t forget to enjoy yourself because after all this is supposed to be fun for all.

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