What are the disadvantages of becoming a humorist? Are there any disadvantages at all? The world dis yours for the taking, you get paid the big bucks and you get to be loved by thousands of people worldwide if all goes well right? So what could possibly be not so good and nice here are some of the biggest disadvantages of becoming a humorist.

You are under a lot of pressure

Your shows will not be scripted unlike in the case of hiring a corporate comedian Melbourne. You will have to think on your feet and be quick witted and maintain your creativity and originality. You take a risk when you repeat the same joke two times in a row because what if a member of the audience came to both shows? They will spread the word that you are running out of your wit. Therefore, as a humorist you will be under a significant amount of pressure to keep coming up with new jokes and to deliver them in the best possible manner.

You are expected to be funny always

Humorists have their difficult days and mood swings too. But, they are expected to be jolly and chirpy fellows with an unrivalled sense of humor on all occasions. That is a heavy cross to carry. Many corporate event entertainer have the problem of having people expecting them to be funny and on top of things all the time which is not humanly possible. This could be very exhausting both physically and mentally.

People may not take you seriously

Supposing that you have now established yourself as a humorist and you walk into a very serious business meeting to sign contracts, how would you feel if the people there did not take seriously and was waiting ready to laugh at the drop of a hat? This is an issue that most humorists face on a daily basis. Even when they are being dead serious people might try to associate some kind of pun or funny agenda to it and that can get frustrating really fast.

Hecklers are just not fun

We all know those annoying hecklers who sit at shows and start booing and hooting and even resort to throw in some vegetable or fruit! They are just not fun. The trick is to keep ignoring them when you are performing but the herculean strength and focus that it undoubtedly takes to do so and not lose your element or lose your temper completely or to even feel low and deflated is one that only the really good veterans can come up with.

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