Fun Balinese Weddings – Rituals and More

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Are you getting married in Bali? Why not choose a typical Balinese ritual wedding?
You are getting married this year, and you are on the lookout for an exotic venue to confirm your commitment to your partner. Well, you could do no better than Bali. The scenic beauty of the place, its stunning backdrops, wonderful food and warm hospitality – all of them combine to create the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Why get married in Bali?
Bali weddings can be a whole lot of fun, and a host of wonderful experiences for you and your guests! Apart from the exotic setting, your guests and you will enjoy the good service, the variety of food on offer, the freshest and prettiest flowers on your centrepieces, and the chance to explore a truly beautiful place full of natural beauty.
However, you could go one up and ditch your traditional wedding plans. Sure, you can go ahead and buy your white dress and your beautiful veil and shoes, but how about giving your wedding a fun twist? Bali weddings are a lot more fun if you get married in local ritualistic ways. The best part is that even if you choose to get married in a traditional Christian or Hindu way in Bali, your marriage will be deemed legal in your home country. 
The weather in Bali is normally very good, but there can be sudden spells of rain. The locals use something called ‘rain stoppers’ during weddings – they believe that their offering to the Rain Gods will be heard and the rains will not make an appearance till the wedding is very. You can be a part of this ritual that employs prayers and sprinkling of white dust into fire.
Fun ways to get hitched
Hindus can choose a traditional Balinese wedding ritual, where the groom’s family formally meets with the bride’s family to ask their permission for the wedding. Once the bride’s family assents, they have to formally ask if the groom’s family would like to be a part of the planning for the wedding. Both families jointly plan the entire wedding – this is great fun!
If you want to follow a local tradition for your Balinese wedding, it is better to hire a local wedding planner. The planner will explain the different traditions and you can pick the one that most appeals to you and your partner’s beliefs. The planner will also be in charge of making all the preparations for your ritual wedding, including costumes for you and your guests. You will also include rituals and traditional food in your wedding if you’re going down this route.