Making your job easier on your special day is the most tactful thing to do before the day arrives. There are several planners out there who just does not set up big days but all other kinds of functions. Therefore, it is after all not a bad idea to give them some business by making arrangements to make the place looks beautiful.


The central attention of any special day apart from the bride and the groom is the cake. Therefore , you don’t want to ruin it by baking at your home trying to save a few bucks. Thus, handle the responsibility to the planners. Because, these people will definitely have contacts with cake experts who can make any of your dream cake a reality. It is their job so let them do it. However, just baking it is not the point her. Presenting it to the guests and placing it at the proper place with the proper design is even more important. Therefore, ask your wedding reception decorations team to sort it out and before all that fix a budget where you can afford. If you simply hand over the entire responsibility to them they will misuse it in one way or the other. Therefore, be clear to them that this is how much is your budget and you will not bear any expenses over that limit. Because if everything is discussed at the beginning it self, it is easy for both the parties.


It is very important to bring out the texture in the linen you use or the fabrics that has been used for the basic customizing. Therefore, it is your personality which will pick which sort of colour combination you want. Though it is purely your vision, in order for you to make it to a reality you cannot play an upper hand in the field. Thus, even when the venue is decided always to think about the assistance you can get from. Sometimes the people from the hotel alone will be able to provide waiters or waitress in assisting with the lolly buffets or candy buffets. Thus, at least a week prior talk to the chief chef of the hotel and request for help with the selection of food when it comes to putting everything up in a menu specially for this. Because the impression you put up in the head of the guests who come for your wedding is going to last long. You will always want to be compared with something beautiful and how well organized the special day was instead of hearing the complains in future. Thus, seek help and make it memorable!

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