Bar Mitzvah is a significant milestone for both Jewish parents and boys because it signifies to the world that these young boys are no longer boys but young men who are responsible for their own actions. Thus it is considered to be a coming of age in several families and the boy undergoes this ceremony around the age of 13 years. However, while many would consider the difficult part of the bar mitzvah to be the ceremonial aspect where the child and his tutor would be responsible for its flawless execution they would not consider planning the celebrations to be difficult. However, once the parents begin their planning they would realize how overwhelming this task could be because they want to ensure that their child would love this celebration because they are celebrating his milestone. Thus, to assist these parents the following article will go on to explore some helpful tips regarding planning a bar mitzvah. hotel richmond adelaideSelect the DateAny event organizer would claim that selecting the date for the event is a crucial aspect which would determine the success of the event because it is this date that would help one to locate the perfect function rooms Adelaide CBD that are available on this day. However, in the case of a bar mitzvah one does not have to worry about selecting a day or getting delayed in selecting a date because this date would already be assigned to the boy at least 3 years in advance. However, a rule of thumb that one can follow is that this day would fall close to the child’s 13th birthday. LocationBefore deciding on a function room hire one should first determine whether the celebrations would be held in the afternoon or in the evening because evening times are popular times for any venue, therefore, one should make sure to book in advance in order to avoid any disappointments. Furthermore, one should also determine whether this celebration would only be for the child’s friends or whether adults would also be invited. Ordinarily, this celebration contains both adults and children, therefore, one has to find a venue that would possess the capability to accommodate all these guests. Click here to view more: Food & BeveragesAt bar mitzvahs ordinarily, guests are served alcoholic beverages before the main meal is served therefore one would have to determine whether they are also willing to serve canapés to the guests at this time. Furthermore, some parents opt to serve the children smoothies during the cocktail hour but again it would depend on the preference of the host. When it comes to food it is expected for one to serve traditional Jewish food to the guests.

Thus, with the help of this guide parents can proceed to plan this celebration without any hassle or stress.

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